What You Need to Do When You Have a Pup


It’s a wonderful thing when you decide to take a small pup as your companion. The truth is that the dog will be so much more than just a companion – he will be your friend and he will also be an important part of your family. Taking a dog it’s a huge responsibility, because you will have to take care of him properly and offer him or her more than just love.

Here is what you need to know to be able to take care of him easily:


Being small, a pup needs to have immunity against different illnesses that are specific to the canine race. Because of this and because he can’t fight alone against those, you need to take him to a vet to have the pup vaccinated.

When it’s about 2 months, you have to give him the first shot, then again periodically until he is 1 year old. There are different vaccines that are made until that age, and the doctor will know what to do. Once the dog_PNG195dog has become older than 1 year, the vet will give him a polyvalent shot, which contains protection against almost all of the possible illnesses for canines.

Special Place

Yes, it’s fun to see your pup follow you around everywhere in the house, but the truth is that he needs his own place. Get a special pillow for him – you can find these in the animal shops and are real cheap – and arrange for his special place. Make sure you show him the place, and allow him to get used to it. Don’t insist if the pup doesn’t want to stay there – when he has fallen asleep move him to his pillow. After a few tries, you will see that the dog will go directly to his pillow when he wants to sleep.


The vet will tell him what kind of food to give him. When they are puppies, the dogs need at least three meals per day. Don’t change the place where he eats and drinks water, as you will get the pup confused and he will understand that it’s ok to eat everywhere around the house. Set up for his own place, usually in the kitchen to be able to clean it easily. Once the dog has grown, after 1 year of age, he will need one meal per day. The same way, the vet will tell you what food to give him and in what quantity.


mousey_dogPlaying is an important part of a dog’s life. They can’t be forced to learn something, and playing is the only way that teaches them properly. If you want your dog to learn a new trick or to follow your commands, play with him and repay him with a treat (use dog treats or small pieces of cheese, as they like it really much).

Apart from training, just play with your dog. This will increase the existing bond and it will let you know each other better and better. Spending time with your dog represents quality time, so don’t lose it.

The Vet

311dca65de1ebda0e8dccae7e2748796Take your dog regularly to a specialized vet. This will prevent so many things, as his health is also important. The vet will give him the usual shots, but he will also make sure that the dog has a good health and that he is in a good condition. They can’t say what is wrong with them, and whenever you see your dog being too sad or listless, without joy and without appetite, take him to the vet. The dog might have a serious problem and you are not specialized to identify it at home.

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